March 22, 2023

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5 Reasons To Visit Jinja City

Dubbed the “Adventure capital of East Africa”, Jinja is one of the best tourist destinations in Uganda. The city is most popularly known for the historic source of the Nile. Jinja is also famous because it was once the leading industrial town because of the various manufacturing industries around the place and hydro-electricity dam along the River Nile. Most industries were relocated from Jinja and this left the place serene and quiet hence being a perfect place for to chill.  

Located in eastern Uganda just about 2 hours drive from Kampala, Jinja is a great place for vacation for all kinds of travelers including those that are seeking adventure, relaxation and those on honeymoon among others.

Tellanza Tours & Travel organizes a wide range of guided tours around some of the most popular destinations in Uganda but here are some reasons why you should add a tour to Jinja town to your bucket list of places to visit.

1- Whitewater rafting

Every adventurer planning to explore Uganda ought to include the exhilarating whitewater rafting activity on their itinerary. The Nile in Jinja is one of the most spectacular places in the world where to enjoy whitewater rafting. The different levels or grades of the rapids here give an opportunity to get you out of your comfort zone, whether you are an expert or first-time rafter. Grade IV and V give plenty of thrills to the experts when going down on the river that finds its way through green vegetation. You can go rafting half or full day to enjoy the wild waters to the fullest.

2- Kayaking

River Nile has very beautiful settings for kayaking. Sitting in the kayak to paddle along the river is another unique experience that gives lifetime memories. The adventure sport on the world’s longest river takes you exploring it; paddling through seaweeds, traversing through canopied waterways and passing via offshore islands. It gets kayakers directly up close with the amazing nature.

3- Bungee jumping

One more adventure on the Nile is the bungee jumping experience that offers a chance to leap over the river. It involves flying from a platform about 44m high above where your body has been tied with a bungee cord. The instructor counts 1-3 and then shouts “bungee” so you get going till you feel the bounce of the bungee catch you. The activity does not need any experience but it is not for the faint hearted.

4- Quad biking

Ride a quad bike through the scenic areas close to River Nile. Quad biking takes you via farms and villages where you come across different locals; others coming from their gardens, carrying on other daily activities and children playing and running along the paths. The experience offers a pleasant opportunity to also explore the river banks.

5- Horseback riding

This is another exciting activity that takes you getting to see the best of the River Nile banks offering stunning views of the waterbody and the surrounding landscape. Professional guides take you through the Nile Valley where you visit local communities. The activity lasts 1-3 hours and is done in four sessions; morning session, afternoon session and the sunset /overnight ride. The minimum age allowed to go for horse riding is 6 years while adults allowed to participate must not have over 95 kilograms.

To book a tour to Jinja this season, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-702838696 / +256-708234114 / +256-772424754 to speak with our reservations team. In case you prefer self drive trip, you could always rent a car in Jinja online and drive yourself to any destination you want.