March 22, 2023

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6 Things to Check on Rental Car before Driving Off

When you first get your rental car, be familiar with all aspects of the vehicle before you drive off. Here are the things you are advised to check to avoid inconvenience later on.

Inspect the exterior

Take a moment, walk around the car and carefully check for damages. In case of any damages, make sure the car hire company service provider marks it down on their agent sheet before you leave the lot. Common damages to look out for are dents, scratches or chips. Check inside for cigarette burns on the car seats.

Thoroughly check the lights, windows, door handles and wipers

These are important things to check before driving with a rental car. Make sure all the lights function, whether windows open and close, if door handles work and the car locks well and if wipers work.

What fuel the car takes

During the booking process for car, you can inquire the type of fuel the car uses. You can also choose your preference but it is possible to change. To confirm if the car uses petrol or diesel, open the fuel lid. In case you are not sure of the fuel it takes, find out from the agent.

Familiarize with the dashboard

Go over the dashboard and get to know which gauge is for speed, fuel and the one for tachometer. Make sure to see if the temperature gauge displays unordinary temperature and if there are warning lights.

Test the navigation system

If the car has GPS, get familiar with it. Set the language before you set off. In case there are more things you need to know about its usage, ask the agent. If the car doesn’t have a GPS, go to a Wi-Fi zone and download maps which you can use later when you are offline. Alternatively, use travel maps offered by the agent.

Investigate if the tyres are safe and seasonally fitting

Check each and every tyre for the depth of the shallow tread. Make sure it is not less than 1.5mm or worse. And if some wires can be seen, do not take on tis car before these tyres are replaced.

Make your next trip memorable by first checking on the above items on a car for hire and making sure they are in the right state before leaving the agent. Looking for a reliable rental car for your upcoming tour? Contact us today through or by calling us on +256-708234114 to speak with the reservations team.