April 2, 2023

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6 Tips on How to Travel on Budget With Family

Family travel is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable adventures you can ever have from the time you start the journey until you return home and thereafter. It gives an opportunity to the family to spend an awesome time together, have a great bonding experience with the children and explore new places as you create lifetime memories. However much travel is expensive and this obviously becomes even more expensive with a family, it is life enriching and therefore there’s no getting away from it but rather to do it cheaply. If the kids are too little to remember these trips, remember you are laying a base for a lifetime of the greatly arranged adventures.  

Been wondering how you can plan an affordable Uganda safari adventure with your family and get the best of it? Here are some tips on how you can travel on budget;

Travel off the peak season

Almost everyone wants to travel at the time when the weather is ideal for vacation. Yes, at the time when the sun is up all day or at least with less rain. It is true that the best weather is during the peak season and it is known that way by many for some reasons. That is the time when destinations are crowded and accommodations fully booked and the result is paying lots of money because you are there at the ideal time. It is advisable that if you want to travel on budget as a family, then arrange for your trip in the low season. Although the low season is characterized with rain, it doesn’t mean that it will pour the entire time. In fact, some destinations like Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda among others still go on with many of their activities even in the low season. Make thorough research about such destinations and travel in the low season.

Choose your destinations wisely

You may think that traveling around your own continent is much cheaper than flying to an exotic destination, but this is not a guarantee. Even though flights can be costly, that can stabilize once you are at the destination. Among the easiest ways you can spend less is to choose a destination where the cost of living is low. Many countries in Africa such as Uganda are perfect destinations for families travelling on fixed budgets because there are a number of cheap accomodations, food is abundant . While selecting your destination, there are a number of other factors to consider and these include the exchange rate, visa fees and looking out for the cheapest places to visit.  

Book in advance and use coupons

It is important to make early bookings especially for accommodation, transport and some activities. Last minute booking leads to payment of higher charges yet early booking gives a chance to get discounts. There are also sometimes coupons or discount websites to book tour packages at a much lower price. In Uganda, safari lodges offer discounts in the low seasons while booking for hire cars comes with discounts if you book early.

Eat at local restaurants

When traversing through your destination, eat at local restaurants. International and luxury restaurants tend to have high prices for their foods and drinks and other services yet local restaurants are much cheaper. If you want to have your foreign foods, look out for a tourist restaurant that has slightly lower prices than in high end restaurants and hotels.

Use budget airline services

When planning for international flights, go for airlines with less charges and as well considering good quality of services. Opting for economy class over first class and business class helps save heavy loads of money that you can use at the destination on the tourist activities. Note that you need to be sure to travel on the booked dates because you have less privileges to make changes if you booked for economy class.

In addition, while at the destination, limit the use of domestic flights. Use them only if you must. In most countries of Africa, the use of domestic flights is faster but makes travel more expensive compared to the use of road. Using road transport is even better for family travel because it gives a chance to enjoy longer wonderful moments of exploration.

Stay in family cottages, apartments or camps

Prices for booking multiple rooms of a hotel can be more expensive compared to a family house or apartment. These kinds of accommodations have multiple bedrooms which allow you share the rooms at affordable prices. They also usually have a kitchen hence giving a chance to prepare your own foods. Sleeping in tents at designated camps at the destination is another good way to cut costs. You can carry your own tent or rent at the destination. While camping, it is also possible to prepare your own food or eat at the restaurant and then go to sleep. Camping is one other great adventure of its kind.  

Family travel doesn’t have to be discouraging to be put on hold until you get enough money. It simply needs good planning with consideration of the above tips that will help you get an experience better than expected. For details about how you can travel on budget with family, get in touch with us by sending an email to rent@tellanzacarrentaluganda.com or call us now on +256-702838696 / +256-708234114 / +256-772424754