April 2, 2023

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Advantages of Self drive Over Driver Hire

Many people love to go for a self drive car rental offer than the chauffeur driven car rental with a driver guide. This option is a great travel ideal that has always offered exceptional experience to all people that choose the offer.

Tellanza Car Rental offers a wide range of rental cars for self drive in Uganda and we present to you some of the advantages of driving yourself over traveling with a personal hired driver.

Freedom and independence

With a self drive car hire, we are grantee you a lot of freedom and independence on your safari. such as; the safari can start at time of your convenience. Unlike a chauffeur driven car hire where you need to be flexible with the strict scheduled program of the driver’s company. But with self drive, the trip is under your control

Cost Friendly

Driving around on your own gives you a chance to save some dollars. Therefore, you have an international driving permit, you drive your own car rental and saves yourself from the extra costs of hiring a driver for your road trip in Uganda

Visit off beaten attractions

Hire a self drive car rental for Uganda safari and grab a chance to explore the off beaten attractions on your own without any restriction from the company driver guide.

Choose your favorite car

A self drive car rental offers you a chance to choose your favorite car from a wide range of rental car fleet depending on the nature of your road trip. Therefore, whether you are family, sole, business or group tour, you will choose the best for a rewarding self drive road trip

Greater Privacy

Many travelers don’t want to share their safari experience with other people. Therefore, a self drive offer is the great option you need for your safari privacy and comfort with your loved ones.

GPS Navigation system

All our self drive car rental fleet are equipped with a GPS navigation system to provide with routing, directions, distance, location and other important information on your road trip in Uganda. This saves from the inconveniences of getting lost.

Incase you are planning a self drive safari in Uganda, don’t hesitate to book with us and delight in all the ultimate comfort and exceptional experience of a lifetime. You can simply send us an email to rent@tellanzacarrentaluganda.com or call us now on +256-708234114 to speak with the reservations team.