April 2, 2023

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Best 4 Rental Cars To Hire For Camping Safari In Uganda

Camping is one of the most amazing and bonding out-door activity in the world popular among families and friends on vacation. Over the years camping has evolved but the spirit remains the same , sleeping in a tent under the sky chatting all night over a camp fire and then listening the sounds of birds while the morning breeze makes way is just part of what makes camping even more special.

So you have finally decide you are going to do a camping safari in Uganda and have already set your eyes on specific destinations , what’s left is to get the camping gear and most importantly a private car for the road trip. There are plenty of camping spots in Uganda but some are located in the remotest destinations and so require a strong 4×4 car to traverse through.

Tellanza Car Rental Uganda has been organizing camping in Uganda for over 6 years and we take great delight in offering you the best camping gear in Uganda along with a suitable rental car at affordable rates. Below are the top 4 rental cars you have to hire if you plan on having a successful & comfortable camping road trip.

1- Camper van – This is by far the most common and expensive vehicle for camping worldwide. Also referred to as a camper, this van offers both transportation as well as accommodation so you don’t need to hire a tent when you got the camper van. The inside features a sitting room, bedroom, fridge, kitchen among other items you will find in house. Though the camper van offers a much safer and comfortable camping safari, it also sips out the adventure part of it since you won’t be sleeping outside.

2- Safari Land Cruiser – The 4×4 customized land cruiser has been known for decades as the original safari car widely used for long-distance road trips across the world. Purely built to handle tough terrain and weather, the Safari land cruiser is an easy choice if you are searching for a to use for the camping road trip. the 5 to 8 seater land cruiser will be able to accommodate both passengers and camping gear comfortably since you can put the cargo in the back as well as on the car roof rack.

3- Camper cruiser – Another interesting rental car to take on camping safari in Uganda is the all-mighty camper cruiser, just like the camper van, you dont need to carry a tent as it is already mounted on the roof top. You will need to hire other camping gear like sleeper bags, kitchen utensils, cooking gas, safari table & chair to mention but few. Sleeping on top of your camper car normally offers a sense of security from the wild giving you that piece of mind.

4- Safari Van – If you are planning a family or group camping safari in Uganda, then you should go for the customized safari van. The pop-up roof van can seat up to 8 people comfortably with spacious space for passenger cargo and camping gear in the rear and also roof-top rack.

There are other cars in Uganda ideal to hire for camping safari adventure but the above 4 are considered the best though the camper van is very rear. You can book a rental car + camping gear in Uganda today by sending an email to rent@tellanzacarrentaluganda.com. So get in touch today and come experience the feeling of sleeping out in the jungles and parks of Uganda.