April 2, 2023

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Best Things to Do on An Adventure Safari in Uganda

Those that have heard a chance to explore Uganda highly recommend it for travelers seeking adventure because has some of the most wonderful best places to be for such kinds of experiences. While gorilla trekking is the most popular adventure that attracts a lot of tourists in Uganda, the destination offers appreciably more. If adventure is what you are looking for, then this Pearl of Africa is your place to be; get ready to wander around the Impenetrable ancient forest for gorilla trekking and thereafter go hiking to the top of the Virunga volcanoes. After these, visit our closest cousins and see how they spend their time in their natural habitats and before ending the tour, face your fears by visiting Jinja for the thrilling whitewater rafting experience.

Whether you are interested in a much more wild experience or a softer trek through a tropical forest or probably something for your whole family, there is something suitable for your needs. Below are our top 5 activities to choose from for a delightful adventure in Uganda;

Gorilla trekking

Uganda is one of the three countries where the only world’s mountain gorillas survive. The country has more than half of the total population of these endangered creatures in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park. Bwindi is the most popular place for gorilla trekking and the best because of its incredible number of habituated gorilla families that exceeds 15, the thrilling landscape of the region and the interesting culture of the natives around the park.

When the time finally comes for you to enter the impenetrable forest, you can’t wait to meet the gentle giants. The group is led by an experienced ranger guide to go searching for the allocated gorilla group. Once found, we are given a maximum of one hour to stay with the apes, taking photos and observing how lively they are. This absolutely makes one of the most memorable moments of your life.

Mountain hiking

Uganda offers great opportunities for mountain climbing in the Rwenzori Mountains National park, Mt. Elgon national park and at the Virunga ranges in southwestern Uganda where the endangered mountain gorillas live. A hike on the Rwenzori mountains gives a chance to reach the third highest point of Africa and takes you through fascinating landscapes including lakes, clear steams of water and beautiful valleys. Getting to the snowcapped Margherita peak is awesome.

Climbing to the tops of the Virunga volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla national park is an exploration of incredible nature and thrilling views of the rolling hills of Kigezi plus the rainforest tops. Hiking these conical ranges can be done after gorilla trekking in Bwindi or Mgahinga.

Whitewater rafting on River Nile

Many know that the Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world and it is as well important to know that it has strong rapids suitable for rafting. It is one of the wildest and safest places with grade 5 rapids. If you are an adrenaline junkie interested in rafting, simply drive to Jinja and you will be at the right place. The Nile in Jinja is among the best whitewater rafting destinations in Africa for both expert rafter and learners.  

Chimpanzee tracking

Nicknamed the Pearl of Africa, Uganda has a lot more to offer regarding wildlife. It is home to the fascinating chimpanzees which can be tracked in Kibale forest national park, Kyambura gorge, Kalinzu forest and Budongo forest. These various chimp trekking destinations give a chance to people traveling on tight budgets to also go trekking because they have different charges for the activity. Kibale national park is a major chimp tracking destination in Uganda and Africa as the 795 sq.km park harbors over 1,400 of these apes.

Watching chimps in their natural habitat is a completely unique experience from seeing them in the zoo. You are led by a ranger into the forest where you follow the grunts of the cousins until they are finally seen, this is the most exciting moment. Just like gorilla trekking, you have an hour with the chimps.

Bungee jumping

There’s absolutely nothing that is more exhilarating than free falling from a platform standing about 44m high to touch the source of the Nile- the world’s longest river. This is not for the faint hearted as it gets your adrenaline highly pumping. It however gives a life time experience. If you are an adventure traveler exploring Uganda, one thing you ought not to miss is bungee jumping on the Nile in Jinja.

In conclusion, Uganda is a blessed country with magical nature that gives way to enjoyable adventure activities. If you are looking for a destination for an adventure trip, above are the top things you can include on your package. For inquiries, send us an email on info@ugandasafaribookings.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to reserve your safari now.