March 22, 2023

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Best Uganda Road Trip Holidays In 2021

Are you planning to hit the road this 2021? There is absolutely no better way to explore Uganda. Driving yourself to popular attractions, making stopovers and getting off the road into small villages is a truly exciting adventure. Tellanza Car Rental Uganda has put together 4 fun-filled road trip itineraries from around Uganda you should consider trying out this 2021 season.

Kampala To Jinja – Jinja has been regarded as the adventure capital of East Africa for the longest time, a place filled with so many exciting tourist activities with the mighty River Nile at the center of all of it. A road trip will last about 2 hours with scenic sights of Mabira forest, Lugazi plantations as well as locals going about their day to day lives.

Kampala to Lyantonde – Another exciting road trip is a visit to Lyatonde, home of the infamous Lake Mburo national park, Uganda’s smallest savanah park home to 68 mammal species and 350 bird species not to mention huge density of hippos and up to 13 lakes. A game drive through the park plus a boat ride gives you chance to encounter a variety of wildlife species as you enjoy the savanah scenary.

Kampala to Kanungu – This is a very long road trip that lasts about 8 hours on road but a journey to Kanungu is worth all the time and money since you will get chance to see the endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest. The mountain gorillas are among the most sought after wildlife species on the planet and over half the population resides in thi9s ancient impenetrable rain forest.

Kampala tour – Another exciting road trip you cant miss out when in Uganda is a tour in Kampala city ; Uganda’s capital and busiest center home to various cultural and historic sites not to mention numerous hangout spots that will give you a full city life experience. Popular attractions in Kampala include Kasubi tombs, Ndere center, Uganda musuem, Kabaka’s palace, Indepence monument, local food markets, Africa craft shops among others.

Kampala to Sipi falls – One of the most beautiful falls in Uganda are situated on the foothills of Elgon mountain. A trek up to the bottom of the falls is a truly rewarding experience offering you views of Kapchorwa , coffee plantations plus you get chance to explore the caves and do some rock abseiling if looking for more adventure.