March 22, 2023

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Self Drive Car Rental Tips To Help You Choose The Ideal Car

Renting a car and driving yourself around is an adventure for most travelers, the privacy and freedom you get on a self drive trip is why most tourists prefer this option over guided trips. You can drive to any destination of your choice, making stopovers and even changing the itinerary at will making you King of your vacation.

But before you even start thinking about self drive in Uganda this season, we at Tellanza Car Rental Uganda want to offer you some tips to choose the right car for the road trip in 2022.

Find a spacious car – Always make sure the car you are going to book can accommodate the number of people you are traveling with along with their cargo. Adequate leg-room and space always create comfort which is very essential especially on long road trips. Couples and solo travelers can book 4-door SUVs and station wagons while a group of 5 or more should go with a minivan.

Learn about destinations – Digging some info about the destinations you will be visiting gives you an insight of which type of rental car to book. You are not going to take a sedan to a park or drive around Kampala city in a tourist van, Determining the terrain, as well as weather patterns of destination, will help you choose the right car for self drive in Uganda this 2022 season.

Book a car with free GPS – Most Uganda car rental agencies will offer you rates for the car & GPS separately and so it’s always wise to book with a company that will offer you a GPS at no extra charge or request for that offer, don’t be surprised when the reservations team accepts your plea.

Book a car that can accommodate camping gear – Most travelers on Uganda self drive trips always love to do some camping in some of the top camping sites in Uganda. So if you are in this category, then you should look at a car that will be able to hold both your luggage and camping gear.

Request for mileage report – There is a saying that goes “a new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows the corners” and this also applies to cars. Request for a rental car with good mileage on it, this shows it has been on the road for a good time and is good condition unlike the new cars which are always prone to new mechanic problems.

So if you want to make the right choice when selecting a rental car to self drive Uganda in 2022, we suggest you follow the above tips and save some money & time. For more details, you can send us an email to or call us now on 256-702838696 / +256-708234114