March 22, 2023

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Christmas Uganda Car Rental Discounts 2021

December is just a few days away and as usual, there will be a lot of feasting and traveling, couples will go on holiday as relatives will visit the city or village to spend the season with family. Public means like taxis and buses have always been the cheapest way to travel but the most inconvenient especially during the Christmas season when suddenly everyone wants to travel to the village or city but if you want to travel comfortably, then you should book a private car or go with own.

Once a thing only dimmed for the rich and tourists, Car rental in Uganda is now very popular even among the locals who prefer that exclusive private and flexible ride. Forget about getting squeezed or constant stopovers or even worse getting stopped by the traffic officers , when you rent a car in Uganda from a professional & reliable car rental agency, just know you will get where you are going in time and most importantly safely.

Tellanza Car rental is one of the most reliable and trusted car hire companies in Uganda and every year we occasionally offer discounts on some of the most requested rental cars and this 2021 December season is no different as we will be offering huge discounts for return customers, long term rentals and huge purchase dealers. Below is a list of some of the rental cars in Uganda we are offering at a discount during this festive Christmas season.

  • Toyota Rav4 – From US$ 45 per day to 40 per day based on self drive, excluding fuel
  • Land cruiser Prado – From US$ 80 per day to 65 per day based on self drive, excluding fuel
  • Toyota Hilux – From US$ 90 per day to 70 per day – self drive excluding fuel
  • Mercedes Benz E Class – From US$ 100 per day to 70 per day including chauffuer excluding fuel
  • Supercustom Van – From US$ 100 per day to US$ 80 per day with driver excluding fuel
  • Safari Land Cruiser – From US$ 150 per day to 120 per day including driver excluding fuel
  • Coaster bus – From US$ 130 to 100 per day with driver excluding fuel
  • Limousine – From UGX 1.5 Million To 1.2 Million per day with chauffuer & fuel

There are a variety of other rental cars we will be offering on discount rates but the above make the cut fior the top requested, incase you would love to inquire about car discounts and availability, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-702838696 / +256-708234114 to speak with the reservations team.