April 2, 2023

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How to Keep Your-Self Safe While Traveling in COVID Destinations

Travelling to top tourist destinations now days requires you to have a detailed and cautious approach than before. Trips to COVID destinations can be possible while minimizing the risks of spreading and getting the virus. Without forgetting that the virus is spread from person to person, taking courtesy towards the right travel approach can keep you stay safe throughout the end of your safari.

Regardless of whichever destination you are planning your future trip, in this article we are more than delighted to present you a guide on how to stay safe in COVID destinations;

Social distancing

According to experts reports, there is less risks of acquiring the virus from objects and surface. The virus spreads very fast from one person to another; therefore, you can limit your exposure to this sickness if you accept to take safety precautions like social distancing tips while on a safari. The recommended distance is 2 meters or 6 feet from other persons.

Cleaning and Disinfecting surfaces daily

Protect yourself from the pandemic by ultimate cleaning and disinfecting. While travelling to public places, this is extremely paramount than ever before. There are high risks of getting the virus after touching contaminated surfaces and objects. Although the risk of acquiring the virus from surfaces is less compared to how fast it spreads from person to person, this safety precaution should be as well taken seriously while in Covid places.

Observe your Surroundings

Whether at the airport, bus or train, try to be neak about safety measures like wearing masks, does your neighbor seem sick, is the taxi or bus having enough ventilation. Once you notice its not worthy the transport risk, feel free to exist and find another alternative.

Choose private means of Transport over Public

Unlike public transport where you are at high risk of exposure to the virus, private means limits the chances of spreading the disease from one and getting it. Hiring privates means allows you to travel safe and comfortably thus reducing the risks of travelling with strangers in the same vehicle.

Avoid riding with unmasked drivers or Passengers

 This is also crucial to consider especially if you are planning to enjoy on a guided trip rather than a self drive. Always be kin enough to ensure that your driver guide and passengers are wearing their masks properly. At Mumwe Global safaris, we value the life of our clients first throughout the end of your safari. We therefore ensure that all our drivers are equipped with masks and hand sanitizers before they set off for any trip.

Use online Reservations and check in

We advise travelers to consider making online reservations or contactless payment to reduce the chances of putting your life at the risk of acquiring the virus. You can book using online payment modules like Pesapal, PayPal or you can wire directly from your account.

 Planning a safe and fascinating safari this season? it is important to note that travel situations all over the world has changed dramatically. But many tourism destinations have tried to respect and enforce the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as recommended by the World Health Organization to reduce the risk of spreading the Virus. With the above guide, we grant you safe astounding safari experience regardless of whether you are planning to a tour in Covid 19 destinations.

In case you are interested in a remarkable Uganda safari adventure today, don’t hesitate to contact our professional reservation team for a quotation. For more and inquiries, feel free to send us an inquiry on rent@tellanzacarrentaluganda.com