April 2, 2023

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Important items to Pack for a Safari in Uganda

Coming to the Pearl of Africa for an adventure road trip is one of the extremely exciting things. However, it is important to know the right gears to pack to enhance your safari experience. We recommend that you pack only basic things so as to reduce on the baggage weight. Too much luggage can become a burden and inconveniencing in the course of your trip.

Below are the important items you need to pack if you are looking for a safe and comfortable Uganda safari adventure.

Travel Documents and miscellaneous Items

These should be one of the first things to pack. We advise that you keep them near at least in your hand bag. They include, travel insurance, Safari itinerary, emergency phone numbers, Pocket change a valid passport that has existed for about 6 months as well as the tourist Visa. They are normally asked upon arrival at the Airport. Therefore, before you set off try to make some copies.

Day Pack

This is significant in carrying day safari activity items such as; a Rain Poncho, packed lunch boxes, drinking water, few toiletries like hand sanitizer, wipes, flashlight among others.

Safari Gadgets

You need to carry safari gargets such as; Cameras to capture memories of your safari experiences, Pair of Binoculars to help you see far than what your eyes reach in the jungle, extra batteries, 3 pin UK style adaptors among others.

Safari friendly clothes

In respect with nature and the local communities, we advise that you pack safari clothes with colors that blend with the natural environment. Such as; Khaki, Brown, Olive green, plus other dull colors. Bright colors like white, tend to destruct the attention of wildlife and this may it to attack you.

Sun protective gears

You need sun protective equipment such as; sun glasses and hat to protect your eyes and head from direct sun rays, Sun screen repellent to protect you skin from direct heat during hot temperatures. 

Strong gum boots

You need to carry strong gum boots for easy movements especially in activities like, walking safaris, gorilla and chimpanzee trekking.

Long sleeved clothes

Long sleeved clothes like long sleeved trousers, shirts and ladies’ tops. These will protect your skin from thorny bushes, wild insect bites that encounter while trekking in the forests

Strong rain Jacket

This can be of help incase it rain while on activity like trekking, walking safaris or birding in the forest.

With the above being mentioned, it is also important to note that what to pack for your safari experience depends on the nature of your road trip and various safari activities you are going to participate in. Incase you are planning to a safari to Uganda and you are would love to know what to pack, feel free to contact our professional reservation team.

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