March 22, 2023

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Step By Step Guide To Booking A Wedding Car In Uganda

A wedding is always a once in a life time celebration, well for some more than one time but the magic is always the same whether your are doing it for the first time or done it before. Everything has to be perfectly done straight from the wedding venue to entertainment and catering, everything has to be on point for a wedding to ranked as successful.

There many items that require a-lot of attention and planning and today we take a deep insight into one particular one; the bridal / wedding cars. Arriving at the church and reception in a well decorated stylish luxury car is guaranteed to move crowds and invited guests, a true representation of class and wealth.

Tellanza Car Rental Uganda offers a wide range of wedding cars for hire in Uganda at affordable rates assigning you well trained, groomed and friendly chauffeurs to ensure you get to the wedding safely and in time. Many of our clients searching for bridal cars for hire in Kampala always ask the reservations team what are the steps taken to book a wedding car online or in person and this article is a step by step guide to getting your dream bridal car.

Step 1- Decide which car type you want – Before you even think of contacting a wedding car service provider, first seat down with your partner or team and list cars that would love to use on the wedding. There are a variety of stylish luxury cars available but it’s highly recommended that you stick to two or three cars before consulting to save money and time.

Step 2 – Contact a service provider – once you have confirmed cars you will be booking, its time to go online and search for a reputable and well trusted wedding car hire company in Kampala or around your residence. You can type in keywords like bridal cars for hire in Kampala or wedding car hire Uganda in Google and open sites for the top 10 results. You can check for the reputaion of a company through its reviews from Google or Mikolo as well Facebook or any social account page they own.

Step 3 – Compare prices & offers – Browse through the various company websites and compare prices for each car and inquire about special offers or discounts available for that particular season. Once you find a company offering you the cars at a reasonable price, then go ahead and start making the reservations as soon as possible.

Step 4 – Reservations – You can confirm your booking online or visit the office in person but the latter seems more appropriate. Requirements asked for when booking a wedding car in Kampala or any other destination in Uganda will include :

  • Church Name & Address
  • Wedding venue name & address
  • Wedding date (s)
  • Bridal car type & Number of cars
  • Pick-up time & Locations ( Saloon or residence)
  • Coordinator Names and phone numbers
  • Bride & Grooms christian names

Once everything is confirmed and recorded in the reservations book, you will be required to make a 30% to 50% deposit of the total amount to confirm booking , the balance has to be paid a week or more before the wedding.

Step 5 – Wait for the wedding – Once you have paid your deposit and received a receipt, just sit back, relax and wait fro the d-day.

To book a wedding car in Uganda this season, simply get in touch with Tellanza car rental Uganda , you can send us an email to or call us now on +256-708234114 to speak with us now.