April 2, 2023

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Top 10 traffic road signs to obey when driving in Uganda

Regardless of what kind of trip you want to take around Uganda, be reminded that the country has a number of road signs which must all be observed for purposes of traffic control and road safety. While driving, you will spot different traffic signs along or above the roads. Endeavor to obey the signs to have an uninterrupted trip. If you are planning to hire a car in Uganda, here are some of the common traffic signs you need to understand;  

Traffic signal

Traffic lights come in three colors-red, yellow and green each with a different instruction. Red means stop, yellow is a warning sign that the red light is soon to follow while green means “go”. However, before accelerating, look both ways to ensure they are clear.

Stop sign

This is a notification to a driver to stop. It is an octagonal post with a clear word-“stop”. When you come across this sign, kindly stop and check the situation slowly. Before proceeding with the drive, ensure that there is no any other car coming.

Speed limit sign

These are speed control signs on roads. They indicate the speed limit that the car should move on a specific road. It varies from location to location on the road and is set per hour.

Round about

When you come across a road sign with arrows in a circular form, it notifies you of round about ahead. It means there are multiple roads meeting at the same point, therefore it is important to reduce speed because traffic is flowing from different directions.

Zebra crossing

The zebra crossing is marked on the surface of the road in bold black and white lines. It is there to alert you to give pedestrians their right of way. When you reach at a zebra crossing and there are pedestrians waiting at the roadside, simply stop to let them cross and then continue with your journey.

No use of horn

This road sign comes with a trumpet-like picture crossed with a red line. In some areas like national parks, the warning is written in words. Do not use the horn in such areas.

No U-turn sign

The road sign prohibits the driver from turning or changing direction opposite to which he is moving. It is a curved arrow cancelled by a bold symbol that cuts across it.

No overtaking

This is a warning sign for drivers not to overtake in specific areas on the road. It is indicated by lines in the middle of the road where the continuous line advises you not to overtake until it turns to a continuous line. Broken lines which mean “no overtaking” are normally found in hilly areas and corners. You must observe these signs to avoid causing horrible accidents.


The road sign tells you to be mindful of the humps ahead. When you find the sign, reduce speed or else you could cause an accident by bumping into them on a high speed.

Men at work signs

These signs are normally brightly colored to warm reckless drivers to slow down before they get close to people doing work on the road. The signs notify drivers to respect the work going on at the specific location of the road.  “Men at work” signs are usually temporary warning signs.

Planning a self drive or chauffeur driven trip in Uganda this season? Observing all the above road signs and more is one of the things that will contribute to a smooth trip.