June 7, 2023

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Top 5 Most Requested Wedding Cars for Hire in Uganda

A wedding is not just like any other event, for everyone strives to make it a perfect happening. Meanwhile, transportation is a major part of a wedding and therefore the cars have to be excellent. Here are the most requested cars that make weddings colorful in Uganda.


The stretch limousine is one of the most popular cars for weddings in the Pearl of Africa. It is a luxurious vehicle with a long body that accommodates a number of interesting things including wide comfortable seats in an L shape, TV, radio and MP3/CD player system and a mini bar. The limo is a stylish car that also shows class and leaves your relatives and other guests in awe.

Mercedes Benz

There are three most requested models of Mercedes Benz vehicles; C, E and S class however much more of this auto mobile car maker’s vehicles are legit for such special events. These cars have shiny exterior, head lights and cozy interiors which make them stand out great for weddings. A convoy of Mercedes Benz cars lights up the event and entire day.

Range rover sport

Manufactured by a marque of Jaguar Land Rover- Land Rover, the Range Rover is a popular mid-sized SUV with a unique body style to offer a royal ride to the couple. It has an eye-catching exterior and a wonderful interior with cozy seats and a wide leg room to allow the bride remain comfortable in her long gown during travel.  

Vintage cars

These old auto mobile cars can’t miss on the list of the best and most loved cars for weddings. The cars are from the period of 1919 – 1930 and are here to represent the oldies. They are classic and stylish. Do you want to have a unique event on your special day? Then hire a vintage car to transfer you and your loved one to church or mosque and thereafter to the reception and leave people on streets and guests mesmerized.

Land cruiser V8

The Japanese auto mobile company Toyota makes numerous cars and one of the most impressive models it has made is the Land cruiser V8. This station wagon has an eye catching exterior which is also elegant and perfect for photography and videography. The classic interior features large comfortable seats, MP3 and DVD player and FM radio.

A wedding day should be remarkable and fun for the wedded couple and other people at the event. The above cars can highly increase the experience. Make your favorite choice and rent a wedding car in Uganda in advance through rent@tellanzacarrentaluganda.com or just call us now on +256-70823114 to speak with the reservations team.