March 22, 2023

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Top 5 Must Encounter Wildlife Species On A Uganda Safari Adventure

Uganda is home to a record 350  wildlife species that have made water bodies, mountains, savannah, forests, woodlands, caves among other places their homes. Majority of tourists visit Uganda for chance to encounter some of the most iconic African wildlife species ranging from mammals, primates, reptiles to birds, fish , butterflies, there is no denying that Uganda is true wildlife hub and that’s what has put the Pearl Of Africa among the top wildlife safari destinations in the world.

Tellanza Car Rental takes great pride in organizing affordable exciting Uganda safaris for all types of travelers and while some come knowing what they want to see, some have no clue of what’s popular or not. If you a planning to do a wildlife safari and wondering which species you would love to see on tour, we present to you the top 5 wildlife species you have to encounter on a safari in Uganda.

  1. Mountain Gorilla – The incredible giant ape is top of the list of most sought after wildlife species in Uganda. With only about up to 1000 recorded mountain gorillas still surviving in the world, this endangered specie is the bucket list of all wildlife & nature enthusiasts and with half the population surviving in Bwindi forest, Uganda is target for primate lovers. You are only given an hour to be in their midst.
  2. African lion – Part of the infamous Big Five and dubbed the King Of the Jungle, the mighty lion is one of the most iconic Africa wildlife specie. The golden brown far and majestic look makes it a favourite for tourists including both adults and children who only get chance to see the lions in zoos and TV. A guided game drive through Murchison falls park & Queen Elizabeth park offers great opportunity to watch these big cats out there in the wild.
  3. Leopard – The leopard is a mid-sized wild cat with long legs and thin body structure regarded as the fastest land mammal. Just like the lion, the leopard is part of the Big Five but can only be found in Kidepo valley park when on safari in Uganda. They are quite shy and normally come out in the early hours of the day and in the night.
  4. Chimpanzees – Another popular Uganda wildlife specie to add on your Uganda safari bucket list is the chimpanzee; man’s closest relative. These black apes are as intriguing as the mountain gorillas with an added advantage of chimpanzee safaris being cheaper than gorilla trekking experience. Kibale forest is home to the largest population of chimpanzee plus up to 12 other monkey species making it a prime primate destination in Uganda.
  5. Antelopes – The antelope family comprises of herbivorous species that are normally prey for some of the top carnivores in the wild. Uganda is home to over 29 different antelope species with popular ones being the Uganda kob, Waterbucks,  elands, hartebeests, Impala,  zebra to mention but a few.

So are planning a wildlife safari in Uganda and would love to encounter the above 5 species, we at Tellanza Car Rental Uganda will be more than happy to carft an itinerary taking you to top parks these species have made home. You can book a safari today by sending an email to or call us now on