June 7, 2023

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Best 5 Cars For Self Drive In Uganda In 2021

A self drive road trip is a such an exciting road adventure that offers a-lot of freedom and privacy, from the endless top overs to itinerary changing, you will definitely have so much fun during self drive . Uganda is blessed with an abundance of attractions spread across all corners of the country but if you plan on traveling to park or remote destination, then you have to choose the right 4×4 rental car for safe and comfortable self drive road trip.

Tellanza Car Rental offers a wide range of rental cars available for hire and we present to you the top 5 rental cars ideal for self drive in Uganda whether your are on safari, leisure or business road trip.

Toyota Rav4

Hire a self drive for self drive road trip in Uganda and grab a chance to save some dollars on your safaris. The car is customized for both long term and short-term road trips. It has a low fuel consumption that can not be compared to other SUVs. Choosing a Toyota Rav4 is one of the great opportunities to travel economy on your own. The car is designed to carry a maximum of 2-5 passengers.

Toyota Land cruiser TX

This is an exclusively luxury vehicle that is popularly hired for road trip adventures in Uganda. It carries a maximum of 8 people and can be customized for self drive safaris in the different parks of Uganda. It features a very strong exterior that can manage all road terrain conditions of the park regardless of the whether conditions.

Toyota Drone

Are you a planning a group tour in Uganda and you would like to take a drive on your own, Toyota Drone is one of the perfect idea vehicles you need for yourself drive road trip? It is a 4×4 wheel drive designed to carry about 10 passengers.

Land cruiser Ronaldo

This is a 4×4 Land cruiser model that is commonly hired by family travelers that love to take a drive on your own in the Pearl of Africa. Small groups of a maximum of 5 people can as well hire the car for a self drive road trip. The car features a flexible and comfortable seating allowance with enough leg room space, an air conditioning system and enough cargo space.

Toyota Land cruiser Hard Top

Toyota Land cruiser hard top is one of the safari supreme cars customized for self drive road trips in Uganda. A lot of NGOs and other institutes love to hire the four wheel vehicle for a self drive road trip in Uganda national parks.

In case you are in need of a self drive rental car in Uganda, feel free to contact our reservation team by sending an inquiry to rent@tellanzacarrentaluganda.com or call us now on +256-708234114 to speak with the reservations team.