April 2, 2023

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Top 8 Money-saving Travel Tips

The Christmas season is upon and it’s time to reward our-selves with some stress-free and fun-packed vacation. Whether you are going to the village to spend Christmas with relatives or remain in Kampala to enjoy the clubs, beaches and entertainment parks, you will need to very cautious if you want to have a pocket-friendly road trip and that’s why we at Tellanza Car Rental Uganda have put up some vital travel tips to help you achieve that.

Go Budget – Traveling for long distances doesn’t mean you have to be expensive, cut down on the costs by stating in budget hotels, camps or guest houses. You also dont have to try out the most expensive actity on your bucket list, go for ones that are much cheaper for example why would you go hike on Rwenzori mountain yet you can do a cheaper hiking tour on Mountain elgon.

Rent A Car – This may look expensive but cheaper in the long run, why take you own car for a trip yet you can rent a car in Uganda online and let it do all the work. You wont have to worry about servicing and maintenance after the trip as the company does all this hence saving money.

Use public transport – As much as public means are unreliable and uncomfortable, there is no denying that this is the cheapest way to travel. Prices range between 20 UGX to 50 UGX if you decide to go a matatu taxi , mini or large bus but you wont be delivered to your door and if you are carrying extra luggage you may need to get a boda boda.

Currency rates – Tellanza car rental Uganda highly recommends you check the current conversion rate for Uganda shillings and do the exchange before you begin the road trip as most of the remote Uganda regions don’t have ATM machines or banks for the matter.

Book airport transfer – There’s nothing more stressful, time and money consuming than having to look for transportation from a the airport to your hotel or residence. We advise you to book an airport transfer with a car rental agency or airport shuttle to help you calm down on jet lag.

Cut Baggage fee – Always weigh your luggage before you leave home to reduce the airport baggage fees. Leaving out unnecessary items at home will also ensure you travel comfortably in a rental car adding convenience.

Travel accessories – Its much cheaper to buy all your travel supplies in your area before flying out. facial masks, binoculars, travel map, health drugs, sunscreen, power source and so much more all need to be purchased before you arrive in Uganda because you might find them more expensive and not of good quality.

Don’t be afraid to ask – It might be a foreign region but don’t be afraid to ask if you are lost or looking for a popular tourist attraction or activity. The Ugandan locals are very friendly and helpful so you can be assured you can get anything you don’t know about.

So if you plan on traveling ot Uganda this season for safari , business or leisure road trip, the above travle tips will help you save money and time. To rent a car in Uganda , simply coantcat Tellanza car rental Uganda todayt by sending an email to rent@tellanzacarrentaluganda.com or call us now on +256-702838696 / +256-708234114 / +256-772424754 to speak to our team.