April 2, 2023

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Top 8 Things to Consider when choosing a Wedding Car in Uganda

No one ever wants to see anything go messy on their big day, they therefore do early planning for each and everything including meals, cake, gowns and suites and choosing the best reception for the wedding. Besides these aspects, today, the wedding car to transport the bride and groom is another vital thing considered when planning for this special day. It is as well important to think of hiring beautiful cars for the convoy. There are a number of options for bridal cars and it is advisable to find a vehicle that meets your requirements. At Tellanza Car Rental Uganda, we offer you the following advice; what you need to consider when choosing wedding cars in Uganda for your forthcoming wedding.

Choose the right car hire company

To avoid disappointments and stress on the last days towards your wedding, we highly recommend that you work with a car hire company that is trustworthy with a good reputation. Make enough research about reliable companies to work with for the best transportation services and before booking with them thoroughly read and understand their contract and ensure that they will deliver as agreed. You can go online and search on google, check reviews of different companies and the rates of their bridal cars. Check for their physical address and be sure to deal with a well-established car agency. Tellanza car rental Uganda prides in provision of excellent bridal transportation with smart and professional chauffeurs.

Wedding budget and price of the car

The amount of money you are willing to spend on your dream bridal car determines the exact car you will finally hire for this day. Go for luxury cars like vintage, the limousine and range rover only if their prices won’t strain you. Otherwise, there are much more classic options that cost less and will make your day colorful, for example the Mercedes Benz and land cruisers among others. Make the appropriate choice of your wedding car depending on your wedding budget.


You are reminded that most car hire companies hire out cars and chauffeurs to work per hour. You are asked to give in the exact time that you require the wedding transportation. Decide where and when you need the car(s); most times, you’ll need the car to take you to church, for photoshoot and to the venue. Unlike in the past when you would book the car and it is handed back after the entire event, things have changed. Remember to inquire about this when booking for your wedding car and let your service provider know the time you need car(s) so that the part goes on as planned.


You can not be perfect on weather prediction for the day but at least you know the season in which you are having your wedding. This should help you make the right choice for your bridal car. We expect rain anytime during the wet season while it is less expected during dry seasons. There is no reason therefore why you would choose to drive in a convertible during the rainy/wet season.

Size of the vehicle

When planning for wedding cars, it is important to know the size of your entourage that you are to provide transport for. Normally, the parents of the bride move with her from home to the party and these plus others, besides the couple being wedded are some of the people to plan for. After knowing how many people will be travelling, it becomes easy to make an appropriate size of the car and how many cars to hire.

Fuel consumption

Vehicles that consume more fuel usually have higher hire prices. Cars like range rover, limousine have a higher consumption of fuel hence their big rental rates. If your budget is tight, do not go for cars that will stress you regarding fuel. Check for cars with an inscription of 3L or less for these have a somewhat friendly fuel consumption.

Fulfil the theme of your day

Different people have varying passions and preferences. While some wish to do their thing the modern way, others prefer the traditional or ancient style. Tellanza Car Rental offers a range of vintage and modern cars to suit your day’s theme.

The period of the year

No matter what time you plan to have your wedding; whether in the peak season or low season, it is advisable to make early bookings. It is not only of the wedding is in the high season that you should book early just like some people recommend. Early bookings at any time of the year help the service provider to get you your very dream bridal car or suggest a something else that is as well nice other than just going with whatever is available due to last minute rentals. It also helps to hire a good bridal car at a friendly price.

The above are great tips that will help you make a better arrangement of your wedding as you plan for your bridal car. We are ready to give you more information to help you have a successful day when looking for a good wedding car. Get in touch with us through rent@tellanzacarrentaluganda.com or call us now on +256-708234114 / +256-702838696.