March 22, 2023

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Top Common Uganda Car Rental Mistakes Most Travelers Make

Top of the list of expensive items for most travelers has always been accommodation & transportation. Getting affordable private transportation cuts deep in most budgets and expenses may even get higher if you make some mistakes during the booking process duration. Tellanza Car Rental Uganda has been handling car rental services in Uganda for a long time and our experts discuss some of the most common Uganda car rental mistakes made by travelers and how to avoid them for a great money-saving deal

1- Picking up from the airport – As convenient as this sounds, it’s sometimes costly depending on the distance of the car rental office to the airport. While some companies will not charge any fee to deliver the car to Entebbe airport, others will add on a transfer rate.

  • How to avoid mistake– First inquire to see if the company charges no extra fee for the delivery and if so, then you can request the car to be brought to the hotel/ residence in Kampala city

2- Not checking the rate card – Most travelers looking to hire a car in Uganda always make a big mistake of just goingfor the on top rates of the cars and services instead of going deep and checking the price structure on the car rate card. The card contains special offers, discount packages and shows varying prices based on duration of rental hence giving you chance to haggle and negotiate a better deal.

  • How to avoid mistake –  Some companies don’t have or show the rate card on the website, so you can request for one form the reservations if it’s not visible on the menu. Take time and read through before making final decision.

3 – Being impatient – Some stubborn clients have a tendency of not being patient for services. Thinking you can get any car of your choice at a time of your choice has led to canceled reservations and in some cases arguments between the client & reservations personnel.

  • How to avoid mistake -You can avoid this Uganda car rental mistake by patiently waiting for the reservations to check for availability of the car and then get back to you. Remember , the reservations personnel are not machines so try to give them a break as they do their job.

4- Booking a small car – There are a variety of rental cars in Uganda each coming in different size and shape and each accommodating a specific number of passengers and that’s why you need to make the right choice when looking for a car for the road trip. However most travelers make the mistake of booking a smaller car to save money but then forget about space for cargo and passengers hence finding themselves uncomfortable on the road.

  • How to avoid mistake – Always rent a car that can fit the number of people you are traveling with regardless of the rate. A simply 4-door SUV or sedan can fit up 5 people comfortably while if you are travelling in group of more than 5 but less than 10, you could go for a mini van and then more than 10 people will require a minibus.

5- Forgetting to inspect rental car– Another very common car rental mistake travelers make is ignoring or forgetting to inspect the rental car before driving off. To avoid any extra charges upon return or during the road trip, make sure you check the car inside out for any damages or dents and then show them to the reservations team before signing the contract.

  • How to avoid mistake – Once the car keys have been handed to you, start by inspecting the exterior for scratches, dents or anything out of place and then move on to the engine and check the battery and other pipes. Then go to the inside and check the dashboard functioning, Air condition and general cleanliness of the inside and outside.

So if you plan on renting a car in Uganda and would love to save money and time during the booking process, then you should make sure to avoid the above mistakes. To book a car or any other service, simply contact us today by sending an emailto or call us now on +256-702838696 / +256-708234114 / +256-772424754 to talk to the reservations personnel