April 2, 2023

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Top things to do on a Safari in Kidepo Valley National Park


The remote Kidepo valley national park is the least visited national park in Uganda. It is therefore good news to know how this beautiful and rich nature reserve has untouched wilderness that an adventure junkie should experience. Its isolation in the northeastern corner of the country makes is the reason the park will take you away from the crowds and go listen to the bush whispers. Looking to visit Kidepo valley national park this season and want to know what to do to have a memorable trip? This article highlights the major and interesting activities for tourists in Kidepo valley national park for those planning a Uganda safari this season.

Game drive

Kidepo national park is a savannah national park and home to about 77 mammals most of which adapt to savannah wildlife. Some of these include lion, zebra, buffalo, warthog, jackal, elephant various species of antelopes among others. To see some of these animals, you got to go for a game drive and look out for the animals in the plains and their hideouts.

Cultural encounters

Kidepo valley national park is surrounded by local communities of Uganda tribes that still have their cultures almost original. The Karamajong have not let their culture fade away because of civilization; these agro-pastoralists still live in homesteads and often do their cultural dances with which they entertain the visitors to their region. As for the IK people, you will need to hike mount Morungole which is located at the border of Uganda and Kenya to meet them. They are subsistence farmers known of grinding their own grain.

Bird watching  

The remote savannah park is great place for birding which you can do along with a wildlife tour. Kidepo valley National Park is mostly known for ostriches. It also has an impressive number of birds of prey. With more than 50 birds of prey in the park, the most notable species include the Egyptian Vulture, Verreaux’s eagle and Pygmy Flacon.

Nature walk/hiking

Exploring the African wild on foot is an adventure like no other more so in a typical wilderness area like Kidepo Valley National park. The nature reserve has wonderful places for nature walks. Adjacent to the park are a number of places ideal for adventurous hikes for example an excursion hike to Mount Morungole to meet the IK people. Just like in all national parks in Uganda, you are advised not to walk alone and this also applies in Kidepo national park. During nature and bush walks and hikes visitors must be accompanied by ranger guides.

This awesome experience gives an opportunity to tourists to enjoy watching wildlife and other attractions such as elephants, zebras, buffaloes and many others while walking through the plains.

Best time to visit Kidepo Valley national park

Although Kidepo Valley national park is open for tourism all a year round, the best time to enjoy your trip there is from September to March. This period is perfect for game viewing. It is the dry season and many animals gather at Narus Valley to drink and cool their bodies.

April and May are the wettest months of the region and a number of activities can be interrupted with because tracks get muddy and inaccessible.

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