March 22, 2023

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What Is The Cost Of A Rental Car In Uganda ?

The best way to explore any destination foreign or local privately in your own car or rental car. Public transportation may be cheap and easy to access but nothing beats the comfort and security you get when you decide to rent a car for self drive or with a driver. There is no need to worry about any road trip interruptions or stopovers for passengers as you are in control of the trip, you decide when to stop and when to continue giving you freedom and flexibility to spice up your adventure.

Planning to visit Uganda or already in the country and would love to book a rental car for a road trip, you will have to choose a reliable and trusted Uganda car rental agency and be careful to choose a car that not only suits your budget but also personal needs. There are a variety of rental cars in Uganda available for city trips, park safaris, research, NGO projects, wedding occasions to mention but a few, whether you are interested in a 4×4 safari car, SUV, Hatchback, Minivan, Minibus, Luxury bridal car, construction vehicle; you will get what you are looking for online through Google or referral friend.

The cost of a rental car in Uganda varies between hiring it for self drive or with a driver and also the category or type of car you wish to book. Normally the bigger the car the higher the cost and the smaller the car, the lower the rate. The cost of hiring a car in Uganda is around US$ 70 per day but for purposes of helping out clients get a good insight of what to expect, we have broken down the rates based on each car category and all prices exclude fuel.

  • Saloon cars – From US$ 40 per day
  • 4×4 Sation wagons – From US$ 70 per day
  • Minivans – From US$ 90 per day
  • Sports Utility Vehicles – From US$ 50 per day
  • Minibuses – From US$ 130 per day
  • Construction vehciles – From US$ 250 per day
  • Luxury cars – From US$ 100 per day with chauffeur & fuel

So if you plan on booking a rental car in Uganda this season, then the above car price guide will help you make the right money & time-saving decision. To inquire about rates and availability of any of the above cars, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-708234114 / +256-772424754 to speak to our reservations team.