March 22, 2023

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Why Hire Professional Ushers for Your wedding In Uganda

Gone are the days when the young siblings and friends of the couple preparing to get married were chosen to serve as ushers at the traditional introduction and wedding ceremonies. As you arrange for your special event, remember that there are a number of things that need to be kept on point to have the day come out colorful. If you are looking to have an organized wedding, consider hiring professional ushers and several tasks will be carried out perfectly.

Tellanza car Rental offers ushers for hire in Uganda and here are some reasons we think they will come in handy for your weding in Uganda.

Set up the venue

Normally, preparing the wedding venue however much experienced you are, comes with realizing some tasks that have not yet been done yet time is running out. But it becomes faster and easier to have them done immediately and perfectly with professional ushers because they already know how to do it best. In case of any last minute changes like change of table or seats, they handle such in the shortest time possible.

To welcome guests

The first impression that visitors get when they are welcomed at the event is one of the things that determine their fun and memories of the party. A visitor deserves to be attended to more when they arrive because they have no idea of where to go next on arrival. Professional ushers are always on alert to receive the guests, help them park, lead them to where to sit and pass on any necessary information. They ensure that the guest is comfortable before they leave them.

Guiding guests

Most guests are new here and they will need directions on a number of things including to the washrooms, nearest shop and more. When professional ushers arrive at the venue, they familiarize with the area so that they are able to help guests on any places they need to go. Your guests need not to get stranded when they are in need of something or need to go somewhere. Let their stay be smooth by having people to guide them.

Maintain order

Every wedding needs to have order for all programmes to go on as planned. There are various small things needed to be handled one after the other. Right from registration on arrival at the venue, getting meals and drinks and many other things, professional guests are there to keep guests in order. A wedding without order annoys and some people are likely to miss out on stuff like food.

Distributing materials

At any time as the wedding goes on, there may come up some materials to distribute to guests at the wedding or even earlier already planned. Professional ushers carry on this role perfectly with guidance from their leader. They ensure that whosoever needs to get the materials gets them.

Assist in case of emergency

On an event where people are many, guests need assistance when emergency arises. In situations where there is need for quick help, simply call the professional usher and they are available to help. Whether you got an accident and need first aid or you poured food or a drink, they step in immediately to help.

Are you preparing for your wedding this season and would like to have an organized event that your relatives and guests will always remember because of the special treatment, order and comfort realized? Hire professional ushers to deliver this. Contact us today through or call the reservations personnel via +256-700135510/ +256 414-699459.