April 2, 2023

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7 Things to do when on a holiday in Jinja

Jinja dubbed as the “Adventure capital of East Africa” is one of the top safari destinations to explore on a Uganda safari. Besides its rich economical and historical background, the town is a perfect place for adventure and leisure tourism. Many friends and families love visiting jinja on either a self drive rental or with a chauffeur. Jinja has alot to offer to different categories of travelers but we have narrowed them down to 7 top activities you cant afford to miss out when on tour in Jinja with friends or family.

White Water Rafting

This is one of the most interesting adventure activities that takes places on source of river Nile. It is done on two grades which offer an extremely thrilling safari experience such as grad 3 and 5. The activity is safe and it gives you an opportunity to explore the source of River Nile plus its mesmerizing beauty.

Jinja City Tour

The Jinja city tours offers you an insight to explore Jinja town as well its fascinating tourists attractions. Here you get a chance to interact with local people and learn more about their behavioral patterns of life. The tour takes you to Jinja local market, crafts shops to purchase some African souvenir gifts, visit the local cousins among others. A self drive tour in Jinja town is extremely rewarding with your friends and families.

Bungee Jumping

The activity involves diving into the source of the Nile with legs or body tied. The activity is strenuous and scary that it offers an extremely fascinating experience on a Jinja Tour.

Boat cruise on River Nile

There are many boats on river Nile in Jinja that can offer you a trip to the source of the Nile. Enjoy the cool breezes of the natural fresh waters as you explore the stunning beauty of the Nile while on an engine boat ride to the point where river Nile begins to flow to the Mediterranean Sea.

Quad Biking

Quad biking gives you an opportunity to ride through the local community as you explore the exciting beauty of River Nile in Jinja. Here you get an insight to meet and greet with the local people.

Horse riding

Jinja is the second best place where you can delight in thrilling horseback riding experience. The activity offers you spectacular views of the Nile as you navigate through Jinja Villages. It does not require experience since beginners are offered small training before, they engage in the Horse riding exercise so that they know how to move the horse.

Tubing on the Nile

This is one of the leisure refreshing activities that allows you to floating on the world’s longest river. it is done on both the white and flat waters. The adventure activity gives you an opportunity to enjoy sun bathing and get lost in the glimpse sight of the picturesque scenic views of the Nile. 

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