April 2, 2023

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Top 4 4×4 Cars To Hire When Exploring Uganda

The Pearl of Africa is blessed with a diverse range of impressive tourist attractions that derive satisfaction to all tourists that come to explore country. For anyone to explore Uganda, you need to hire private transport means to allow you access its fascinating tourist destinations. It is important to note that most of the fascinating tourist destinations are located in remote areas of the country. Therefore, you will need a four-wheel drive that is strong enough to manage the rough road terrains of the parks.

Here are top 5 transport means commonly used to explore Uganda;

Toyota Land cruiser

This is one of the most commonly used 4×4 safari vehicle customized for exploring Uganda. They are found in various models such as; GX Land Cruiser, Land cruiser LX, Extended land cruisers, VX Land cruiser, Land cruiser Nissan Patrol among others. it is rented with an exceptional driver guide ready to take you to exciting places. 

Toyota Rav4

This is a compact SUVs that is ranked as one of the best Japanese Automobile. It features a strong engine and has a low fuel consumption compared to other SUVs. It designed with 3 to 5 doors and can accommodate a maximum of 2 to 4 passengers. The car is normally hired by economy tourists.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

This is one of the famous 4×4 safari cars and it is customized by many tourists to explore the Pearl of Africa. There are models of Toyota Prado such as; TX Prado, EX, SX, TZ and 3 litre Turbo. It features enough cargo space, an air conditioning system, flexible and comfortable seats among others. They feature a strong exterior that can with stand all road conditions regardless of the weather conditions.

Safari Van or Omnibus

The van carries a capacity of 9-10 passengers. It has enough luggage space, strong attractive interior and exterior body that manage all difficult weather condition in the park. The car is rented with a well trained and experienced driver guide.

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