April 2, 2023

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Why You Should Book A Luxury Car For Your 2021 Wedding

Why hire a luxury car for your wedding in Uganda

A wedding has always been a special occasion that unites two families, a union that is celebrated by everyone including relatives, friends and well-wishers. Everything has to be on point including the venues, catering and transportation to mention but a few but we will concentrate on the transport bit of it.

You need to book a stylish luxury car for the bride, groom and escorts if you plan on surprising your invited guests. Forget about borrowing one from family, friend or work mate and book with trusted car rental agency or events company in Kampala city.

Below are some reasons why we at Tellanza Car Rental highly recommend you hire wedding cars in Uganda rather than go for friends, workmates or family cars.

Shows Wealth – A wedding is always the right time to show off what you got , impress the family members and invited guests so they know all will be well financially during the marriage.

Shows class – Nothing brings out the class on a wedding event than the dressing and type of car you drove in with and so the bride and groom have to make a grand entrance in a car that’s way above any around on that given day.

Adds Spice – You have already seen the well decorated hall or tent , the beautifully designed tables and chairs but have you seen the luxury cars hired for the wedding, it always nice to see the look on the eyes of the guests when you drive in with posh car like limousine, Mercedes, convertible or range rover adding more colour to the function.

Photography – Nothing brings out the beauty of the couple than a classy luxury wedding car by their side, taking pictures close to your hired car is simply magical and it even gets better when the car colour matches with that of the gowns and dresses.

Car Variety – When you decide to hire a wedding car in Uganda with trusted company like Tellanza Car Rental, be assured of a huge list of cars to choose from giving you chance to pick a car of your dreams but most importantly one that suits your wedding budget perfectly. There are a variety of luxury cars available including Mercedes benz models, Range rovers, Limousines, Convertibels, Vintage cars, Chrsyler, Jaguars, Land cruiser models to mention but a few all well serviced and in good condition inside out.

Chauffeured – All rental wedding cars are offered along with well trained and groomed chauffeurs meaning you wont have to worry about delays or bad driving as he chauffeurs have been driving to weddings for many a year and know there way around most of the spots in Kampala, Enetbbe and other destinations within Uganda.

The above are just a few reasons why you should hire a wedding car from a company rather than go for the much cheaper but unreliable option of getting form friends & family. So if you are searching for luxury bridal car for hire in Uganda, we at Tellanza Car Rental got you covered, simply contact us today by sending an email to rent@tellanzacarrentaluganda.com or call us now on +256-708234114 / +256-702838696 to talk to our reservations manager.

We look forward to giving you the best wedding car hire services in Uganda worth every penny you pay.