April 2, 2023

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Located in the far western Uganda, Semuliki national park is one of the most beautiful greenery nature reserves in the country. It has a thick vegetation and boasts a wonderful checklist of bird species. The national park lies across the floor of Semuliki Valley, which is dominated by the eastern continuation of the great Ituri forest in the DR Congo. Covering an area of 220sq.km, Semuliki park contains a number of features alike to those in central Africa rather than East Africa. It has a variety of Central African wildlife species, vegetation and the local people; the Batwa pygmies who are believed to have originated from the Ituri forest. The tropical lowland forest plus the thick savannah is home to 53 mammal species of which 11 of them are endemic to the park. Semuliki Park is rich in primates including black and white colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey, vervet, red-tailed and blue monkeys. It records 441 species of birds, numerous reptiles including crocodiles which can be seen along the banks of River Semuliki.

Semuliki national park is famous for its ever oozing hot springs. It contains the male and female hot springs which offer an opportunity of enjoying boiled eggs and plantains after they are cooked here in just 10 minutes due to the high temperatures of the water.

This park is one of the oldest wildlife reserves in Uganda. It was initially managed as a forest reserve (Semuliki Forest Reserve) and was later on upgraded to a national park in 1993 by the government of Uganda to protect the forest.  

Activities and attractions in the park

  • Nature walk to the Sempaya hot springs
  • Game drive in Semuliki
  • Birding around Sempaya and Ntandi
  • Hiking and forest walk in Kirumia Trail
  • Cultural encounters in the Pygmy village near Semuliki

How to get there

From Kampala to Fort Portal, there are two main routes; Kampala-Mubende-Fort Portal road which is about 300km long taking up to 5 hours and the Kampala- Masaka-Mbarara-Kasese-Fort Portal route which is longer, about 465km taking about 8 hours on the road.

Sempaya gate to Semuliki national park is located 59km from Fort Portal town while the park headquarters are about 6km further along the same road. The drive takes about one and half hours from Fort Portal to Semuliki.

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